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INRW 0420: Cruz-Gonzales

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1:40pm - 2:55pm, Thursday, September 21, 2017 (75 minutes) - MLC 208
Name: Norma Cruz-Gonzales
Email: ncruz-gonzales@alamo.edu
Booking submitted: 02:36pm, Sep 12 2017
Course Name & Number (ie, Geography 1301):: INRW 0420  
What will your students be researching? How will they be using the sources they find?: Family paper: Life of an Elderly family member and Issue affecting the elderly. Need to use journal articles containing information on topics related to some specific aspect of their elderly member. They will research areas such as: elder health issues, significant historical events in their lives such as the Vietnam War, cultural celebrations (such as baking cookies at Christmas time (a German tradition), and so forth.  
Check all that apply. "Before their library class students will...": be introduced to the assignment., select general areas of research or specific research topics., create a list of keywords to help them define and narrow their search.  
Notes (different start/end time, requests, etc.):: Class time is 12:15-3:35pm. Tues/Thurs. Prefer to start about 2:00 unless library class runs a shorter time--can arrange to come 2:15 or later. If 2:00 IS not a good starting time, I can come a little earlier but still need time to make sure class is prepared before going. ONE MORE NOTE: HOW DO YOU UNCLICK ON THE ROOM #? i CLICKED 208 BY MISTAKE; 209 SEATS A SMALLER GROUP. i OBVIOUSLY CLICKED 208 BUT COULD NOT REMOVE THE BOOKING FOR 208. WOULD APPRECIATE A REPLY ON "HOW TO UNCLICK"!  
Thursday, September 21, 2017
2:00pm - 2:55pm
MLC 209
  INRW     Librarian: Bahlinger, Tom  

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